Lesson 9. Instructions to use the command of dimensions

 Learning with the group of commands dimensioning and basic editing.

Want to learn autocad well that we start with the basic knowledge, so this article written for the newbie or beginners become familiar with AutoCAD, with the series all have prearranged.

 1.Group of basic commands dimensioning in AutoCAD.

1.1. D : Styling dimensions.

1.2. Dli : Drawing horizontal or vertical dimensions (for 2 points).

1.3. Dal : Drawing oblique angle dimensions.

1.4. Dco : Drawing serial dimensions.

1.5. Dba : Drawing parallel dimensions (rarely used).

1.6. Dan : Drawing angular dimensions.

1.7. Dar: Drawing arcs dimensions.

1.8. Dra: Drawing radius dimensions.

1.9. Ddi : Drawing diameter dimension.

1.10. Di : Drawing dimensions 2 points (rarely used).

1.11. Div: Split objects into equal parts (rarely used)).

2.Below are illustrations.

2.1. Command D. Show the following table:


With the basic parameters :

ISO-25 the default dimensions in AutoCAD (Do not use this).

Set current : Select the current dimensions.

New : Create new dimensions.

Modify : Edit dimensions .

Override : Fixed dimensions parameters.

Compare : Compare 2 dimensions.

(The dimensions specifications we will learn in the next article).

2.2. Commands Dli: Measure the vertical or horizontal lines.

Lệnh Đo cạnh theo hai phương trong AutoCAD

2.3 . Commands Dal : Measured diagonally.


2.4.Commands Dco : Drawing Serial dimensions. (Note measured by dli or dal once and then type dco).

Đo kích thước nối tiếp

2.5. Commands Dba : Drawing parallel dimensions.

(Note : Type command dal or dli then type dba).

dba Đo kích thước song song

2.6. Commands Dan : Drawing angular dimensions.

Đo kích thước góc

2.7. Commands Dar : Drawing Arc dimensions.

Đo kích thước cung

2.8. Commands Dra : Drawing radius dimensions.

Kích thước bán kính

2.9. Commands Ddi : Drawing diameter dimension.

Kích thước bán kính

2.10. Commands Di : Drawing dimensions 2 points.

đo kích thước 2 điểm

2.11.Commands Div : Object divided into equal parts.

( Note : Equal parts is to create point objects equally, the object is not broken).


Divide the objects of many parts .


Results after implementation.


Above are 11 basic commands, the odometer dimensions. (Relatively complete). You can learn more about these tips in AutoCAD to be more specific.

Here are exercises and download link Mediafire . Exercise, full form, are you trying to do well.

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