Instructions to measure dimensions of the AutoCAD 3D

This lesson will teach you how to measure the dimension lines in AutoCAD 3D objects. As you know in AutoCAD 2D dimensioning is easy on the coordinate plane Oxy , also in 3D AutoCAD is how?

In essence, it is like AutoCAD 2D, the difference is that we have to put the plane into position coordinates Oxy want to measure object.

Example :

1.We want to measure the edges of the rectangular  (including width, length, height) .

Located in the plane surface Oxy named the bottom surface, the side panels contain height, on the top surface.

With the bottom surface measured normal size.

To measured height we will type UCS to assign new coordinates so that the plane Oxy contains height or pulled UCS into the plane contains height to be measured.

2. Measuring cylinder.

We measured the height and radius, way is also put coordinates UCS to location to be measured.

Here is detailed video tutorial, you can view.

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