Instructions to Import excel sheet in Autocad professionally

Today we will lear importing (insert) excel sheet in AutoCAD table (version 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 as same as) converting to text in AutoCAD.

We want to insert table in excel to CAD for suitable printing with title frame.

chen bag tinh va cadThis is the title frame, you want to insert on the spreadsheet.

Khung ten autocad

The steps do the following guidelines, you tuned.

Step 1. We open Autocad,  type commands : Dl (Datalink) or Insert → Datalink, it appeared the following table :

Chen excel vao cad 2010

KL Tam T1, TH KL is table linked, we can create new table by click Create a new Excel Data Link.

After we named KL DGXM then OK.

Chen excel vao cad 2010

We find path … to file Excel have spreadsheet.

Chen excel vao cad 2011
We choose Full path , choose Link to range , type b3:h17 ( B3:H17) → Ok.

Chen excel vao cad 2011

The results are as below:

Chen excel vao cad 2012

Step 2.We continue typing commands Tb (table). Choosing From a data link choose KL DGXM →OK .

Chen excel vao cad 2012

Choose a location to paste (navigate to the location to insert the title frame).

Chen excel vao cad 2013

To decorate beautiful frame, choose table right mouse → Table style → Bang Tieu Chuan (not have to Standard).  Thiết lập thông số cho bảng ( table ) trong AutoCAD ở đây .

Chen excel vao cad 2014

After editing is completed, the results are as follows:

Chen excel vao cad 2015

Under the exercise, including all the files. downloaded from the following link: Mediafire .

This is a detailed video.

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