Instructions to draw all kinds of directional arrows in 2D AutoCAD

You know, in the drawing, the directional arrows often appear and there are many different drawing. Today we are going to draw directional arrows.You ready.

1.Now we will draw an arrow and fill with the command Hath.

The first, you use the command line (L) to draw an arrow as shown below, the parameters listed you draw well, is ok, but no clear rules about Arrow.

Mui ten trong AutoCAD

After you’ve drawn the picture above, you will have two ways to do or you use the command block (B) to lock it two is to turn it into polyline by command (Pe).

+ To use the command Block, you see the article (command the user guide effectively block). Advantages of Block we can edit optionally in block and it is monolithic (both Hath and arrow), disadvantages when copied to another file on the drawing you must scale to zoom fit drawing.

+ To use the command Pedit (Pe) you view the article (How to use command Pedit).

Then you can copy it to the various drawings. If different ratios you can issue the command Scale (Sc) to align or using stretch (s).

Cach Mui ten trong AutoCAD

2. Today we will learn you how to draw directional arrows, by cutting a rectangular grab edge.

Normally we usually use the normal rectangles not apply to other issues.

+ First you type the command Rec/Enter then typing: W/Enter then enter the width in, after filling in the breadth, we draw a normal rectangle, here is it will have a thickness so we use more of its functions. You follow like this:

Typing: REC/Enter → W/Enter → Width brushstrokes (you fill custom – about 5-50mm) see fit is ok, then you use the command trim or x to cut straight lines get the desired length, then we draw the triangle arrow. Finally use the block to lock. The following illustrations show:

Ve mui ten trong autocad

So we had to add the way drawing beautiful directional arrows, we can drawing optionally directional arrows on your creativity.

Conclude: Draw arrows by polyline is easier to use, as can custom size.

We wish you happy.

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