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Lesson 9. Instructions to use the command of dimensions

 Learning with the group of commands dimensioning and basic editing. Want to learn autocad well that we start with the basic knowledge, so this article written for the newbie or beginners become familiar with AutoCAD, with the series all have prearranged.  1.Group of basic commands dimensioning in AutoCAD. 1.1. D : Styling dimensions. 1.2. Dli […]

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Lesson 3. Basic commands draw straight lines, rectangles, circles and expand command

Today we learn basic AutoCAD lesson with a very basic command. Let’s start. Note: At the bottom of each post can exercise you notice and follow. 1. Start with command L (line) – Commands draw straight lines. (The goal to draw 1 triangle anticipate corners and edges). We typed : L press Enter or spacebar. Selecting […]

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Lesson 2. List of basic AutoCAD commands are used most frequently (shortcut key AutoCAD)

Here we will list and categorize these CAD commands in each command group, the effect of it, so that you easily visualize and know how to use it how 1. Basic drawing command group. 1.1. L – Line : straight lines 1.2. Pl – Polyline : continuous straight lines 1.3. Rec – Rectangle 1.4. C – […]

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Lesson 1. Setting the basic parameters AutoCAD for beginners

Each of you has different learning methods,you spend money to learn 1 or 2 courses is finished, you are self-educated to save money for your family, I am self-study Autocad from A → Z while my friends learn courses. I think your parents always try to shop for their children a laptop or cheap machine […]

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List of 2D and 3D lesson best AutoCAD Online

You also know that AutoCAD associated with engineer, who learn techniques have some times heard of it. So what is the AutoCAD application and how? You refer to this post. There are many students who want to study engineering and search for information  studying AutoCAD at  prestigious & quality places, you are also very disturbed […]