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Lesson 9. Instructions to use the command of dimensions

 Learning with the group of commands dimensioning and basic editing. Want to learn autocad well that we start with the basic knowledge, so this article written for the newbie or beginners become familiar with AutoCAD, with the series all have prearranged.  1.Group of basic commands dimensioning in AutoCAD. 1.1. D : Styling dimensions. 1.2. Dli […]

AutoCAD 3D

Instructions to measure dimensions of the AutoCAD 3D

This lesson will teach you how to measure the dimension lines in AutoCAD 3D objects. As you know in AutoCAD 2D dimensioning is easy on the coordinate plane Oxy , also in 3D AutoCAD is how? In essence, it is like AutoCAD 2D, the difference is that we have to put the plane into position […]

Cach Mui ten trong AutoCAD-how to Draw arrows Beauty in AutoCAD

Instructions to draw all kinds of directional arrows in 2D AutoCAD

You know, in the drawing, the directional arrows often appear and there are many different drawing. Today we are going to draw directional arrows.You ready. 1.Now we will draw an arrow and fill with the command Hath. The first, you use the command line (L) to draw an arrow as shown below, the parameters listed you […]

Chen excel vao cad 2015- Insert Excel File to AutoCAD

Instructions to Import excel sheet in Autocad professionally

Today we will lear importing (insert) excel sheet in AutoCAD table (version 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 as same as) converting to text in AutoCAD. We want to insert table in excel to CAD for suitable printing with title frame. This is the title frame, you want to insert on the spreadsheet. The steps do […]

Huong dan su dung padf creator in ban ve autocad

AutoCAD to PDF converter software without smudging word Excel spreadsheet

The printing of AutoCAD drawings is very important, we sometimes have to send drawing for partner or a friend, can send Soft or PDF file. he software found at the present time, it is easy, Google pretty much, but the best software for free and it is difficult. There are many people printing CAD to […]

Giam dung luong ban ve AutoCADg luong ban ve AutoCAD

Reduce the file size AutoCAD with the Purge command

Hello friends! Today we come together to learn a few more commands in Advanced AutoCAD, each article will talk about the command and its advanced components so that the system and depending on long or short article, there will be specific guidelines. You know that a normal drawing less space, there is nothing to say, but […]

Hoc autocad 3d - hinh hop hinh cau

Detailed instructions for how to draw rectangular and spherical 3D AutoCAD

Today we will learn about AutoCAD 3D with shortcut commands, where to learn to understand it. Learning Here, you can use the keyboard shortcuts one mature way. Today we will learn to draw rectangular and spherical. Come on, we started preparing private files and save specializing files learning AutoCAD 3D. With input parameters and AutoCAD […]

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Lesson 3. Basic commands draw straight lines, rectangles, circles and expand command

Today we learn basic AutoCAD lesson with a very basic command. Let’s start. Note: At the bottom of each post can exercise you notice and follow. 1. Start with command L (line) – Commands draw straight lines. (The goal to draw 1 triangle anticipate corners and edges). We typed : L press Enter or spacebar. Selecting […]

Các lệnh cơ bản trong Autocad 2007

Lesson 2. List of basic AutoCAD commands are used most frequently (shortcut key AutoCAD)

Here we will list and categorize these CAD commands in each command group, the effect of it, so that you easily visualize and know how to use it how 1. Basic drawing command group. 1.1. L – Line : straight lines 1.2. Pl – Polyline : continuous straight lines 1.3. Rec – Rectangle 1.4. C – […]

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Lesson 1. Setting the basic parameters AutoCAD for beginners

Each of you has different learning methods,you spend money to learn 1 or 2 courses is finished, you are self-educated to save money for your family, I am self-study Autocad from A → Z while my friends learn courses. I think your parents always try to shop for their children a laptop or cheap machine […]

Hoc Autocad 2d , 3d

List of 2D and 3D lesson best AutoCAD Online

You also know that AutoCAD associated with engineer, who learn techniques have some times heard of it. So what is the AutoCAD application and how? You refer to this post. There are many students who want to study engineering and search for information  studying AutoCAD at  prestigious & quality places, you are also very disturbed […]

Detailed guide insert or copy excel table in AutoCAD 2007

There is many you do not know inserting Excel or table in AutoCAD today will show you in detail. First you need to open the table need copy. The illustration image is here bảng khối lượng đà giáo trụ . Then you copy Data region need transfer. Opening Autocad click Paste Special… You choose as below image. Choose place to save […]

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How to transfer high AutoCAD File to version 2007 for free?

We and the majority of users used to using with the CAD 2007 for its friendly and simple user interface. But sometimes we get one of someone sends files or load on the network and can not be opened. We are struggling to find ways to open file. Downloadable software to convert or transfer files, […]

Huong dan su dung padf creator in ban ve autocad

Software convert autocad to pdf without smudging word of excel table

The print AutoCAD drawings is very important, we sometimes have to send drawings to go to the partner or friend, can send soft or PDF files. Finding software service that the current is very easy on Google a lot, but the best software for free and that is the problem difficult. There many people printing […]

Các lệnh cơ bản trong Autocad 2007

Some tips and keyboard shortcuts commonly used in AutoCAD

You learn AutoCAD from anywhere, the ultimate goal is to use the expertise and use keyboard shortcuts to draw quickly, so that knowing it takes time to learn and summed up, but when you read this article will not need much time to do it. The shortcuts and commands are usually used for basic operations. […]