Fix error No listen to music or watch videos on the media player window on PC

Status: + No listen the music on your computer. + Open video without sound (no sound) while opening the window media player error. + Watching movies, listening to music on the Internet is still OK. Together we repaired music program. You do it again the following, very simple. You open start → Control panel . Typing : Troubleshooter then choosing Troubleshooting […]

khac phuc loi preparing your desktop

How to fix the Preparing Your Desktop complete successfully

The day before our machine is faulty and we have overcome. Today we write this article to help those who failed as above, you can use the machine normally without resetting the machine Win or Ghost! Step 1. You open Run (windows keys + R), typing ” Recovery ” như hình dưới. You choose : Open system restore . Then pressing Next . To continue […]

Xoa bo phan mem Teal kitty

How to remove Teal Kitty malware from your computer browser

Today we will help you remove the Banner, Popup ADS appears rampant in the browser, because your computer is installed Teal Kitty malware. When you open the browser, it will default to appear a lot of banner ads, it cover the screen and you must click on disable it. Locations highlighted in red in the picture, this […]