AutoCAD to PDF converter software without smudging word Excel spreadsheet

Huong dan su dung padf creator in ban ve autocad

The printing of AutoCAD drawings is very important, we sometimes have to send drawing for partner or a friend, can send Soft or PDF file.

he software found at the present time, it is easy, Google pretty much, but the best software for free and it is difficult.

There are many people printing CAD to PDF but do not know how to best print quality and text in Excel spreadsheet without blur (matte), although look for pretty much the way.

After a long time using this software we feel very good and convenient, probably the best with what was experienced, through the use of this software is not only for AutoCAD that for all kinds of files to print.

Software name is PDF Creator This version is free to use and light size (it is a virtual printer) .

The feature of this software is very wide, you can print AutoCAD without blur (matte) word in Excel table, printing  bulk Word, Excel, Power Point … to PDF, Image …

You only need to download and install, it is a virtual printer built into Window.

To print just press Ctrl + P  Then select the printer named PDF Creator.

Note: Printing AutoCAD you can save your own path so the next time you choose a default.

Below is link download PDF Creator Mediafire :

1.Version PDF Creator 1.6.0 (16.68 Mb) (familiar interface)

2.Version PDF Creator 2.1.1 (26.55 Mb) (new version)

Here is a tutorial PDF Creator software used to print AutoCAD drawings.

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